When you arrive home, after your appointment remember to wash your hands and remove the bandages; approximately 4-8 hrs after they were applied. You may keep them on overnight if needed.


Wash your tattoo gently and thoroughly with warm water and an unscented antibacterial liquid soap using your finger tips only.


Ensure that you remove all exudate (plasma/slime/goo)from the surface, wash your tattoo until it is squeaky clean.(sometimes this can take awhile) .Then pat your tattoo dry with clean paper towels that will not drop any fibers on your tattoo. Continue to pat dry until tattoo stops weeping/perspiring, again this may take awhile. Doing this will reduce scabbing.


In the 1st 3-4 days keep tattoo clean by taking showers daily and cleaning as above, but avoid any soaking until tattoo is no longer scabbing or flaking. This can take anywhere from 7-21 days, depending on a number of factors.


If tattoo feels dry or tight, usually by the 2nd or 3rd day, you can apply a light layer of an unscented antibacterial ointment or A&D ointment. Do not allow your healing tattoo to become soggy with ointment. Use only a light application, and if any ointment causes your tattoo to sting or weep, wash it off immediately with clean hands,soap and water, and pat dry.


Prevent anything sticking to your tattoo by wearing clean loose clothing that will not drop fibers on your tattoo. At night a clean pillow case, loosely draped,can be a good way to protect your tattoo while you are sleeping. 


When your tattoo becomes dry and begins to form a scab or dry skin,usually around day 3 or 4,you may apply an unscented lotion like Lubriderm to prevent or minimize cracking. This phase of peeling scabs or flaking is normal, and your tattoo may not appear as crisp as it should once this phase is complete. It can take up to a month before your tattoo takes on its “normal appearance”, depending on a number of factors.


always! & never!

Always  wash your hands before you touch your tattoo.

Never  Pick, Scratch or cause scabs to come off too soon.

Never  allow anything to rub or stick to your tattoo.

Never  expose your tattoo to the sun until it is healed (up to 1 month)  then apply the strongest sun block to tattoo for the rest of its’ life. 


If you are ever concerned that your tattoo might be infected, or have noticed signs of increased redness/swelling around the tattoo, increased oozing or pus from the tattoo, seek medical attention immediately.

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