chris "lucky" wade owner of sick luck tattoo brand has been tattooing residents of British Columbia for over 15 years. 

lucky is known for his unique style of deviant art & highlighting the beauty that lies within darker imagery. black and grey portraits are among some of his favorite pieces but creating large custom tattoos is what he does best. "bigger is always better" when it comes to lucky's art & his custom works can be found not only on the skin of his long standing clientele but also on numerous show cars and the bodywork of many motorcycles that have been showcased throughout the province.

in 2015 lucky opened "sick luck tattooz" in west kelowna. his last 5 years in west kelowna brought much success but it was always in his plans to come home, to the Fraser valley. that time has come & we're excited to welcome him back! it's time to "get lucky!"




      i have know "k" for many years now, i put his first tattoo on him 12 years ago. i have always known he had a passion for art  constantly hanging out at my shop watching me tattoo  whenever he could asking questions "' why do you do it that'' '' why do you do this'' wanting to learn everything all at once, he never brought up the idea of becoming a tattoo apprentice/artist himself. after some time and teaching him whatever i could on a few different art mediums, sketching, painting and airbrushing i was amazed at how quickly he picked up on the lessons i was teaching him and that he retained and implemented them in all the art form he was working with at the time.

the day finally came when I happen to have enough spare tattoo equipment around, i put together a little starter kit for him. before he got to use it he had to learn all the safe practices involved in tattooing, it was a hard couple months for him, but he did it and i am super excited to welcome him to the sick luck tattoo shop, and cant wait to see what happens when you reach your full potential little brother.



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 greater Vancouver area & Lower Mainland British Columbia